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A New Combinatorial Strategy to Black-box Testing with Constraints

In recent year, a lot of scholar try to generate test sets for combinatorial strategy automatically. But these algorithms based on combinatorial strategy don¡¦t consider conflicts of input parameter model. A conflict exists when the result of combining two
or more values of different parameter dose not make sense. Thus, invalid sub-combinations may be included in test cases in the test suite, and these are useless to us. Besides, these algorithms all directly generate all test cases once, in other words,
it is unable to utilize test cases generated at present to feedback and revise the algorithm, so it is easy to generate useless combinations.
So, this paper proposes new test generation algorithm for combinatorial testing based on constraint satisfaction problem(CSP) to solve problem which invalid sub-combinations may be included in test cases, and we can add constraints flexibly during generating test cases to avoid generate useless or repeated combinations. The experimental result indicate that our algorithm perform well, with respect to the amount of time required for test generation, otherwise, we can generate conflict-free
test cases directly.
Date23 July 2007
CreatorsTsai, Tsung-Han
ContributorsBingchiang Jeng, Chih-Ping Chu, Chia-Mei Chen, Ching-Seh Wu
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightscampus_withheld, Copyright information available at source archive

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