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Design of a Hybrid Active Filter to Suppress Harmonic Distortion in Industrial Facilities

Due to the drastic development of semiconductor, nonlinear loads are widely
used in high-power applications, which results in harmonic distortion of current and
voltage in the power system. Installation of passive filter is one of the conventional
solutions to harmonic distortion. But line impedance, load inductors and/or filter
components may result in harmonic resonance, which amplifies the harmonic
components, and worsens the harmonic distortion and power quality.
This thesis proposed a control algorithm of shunt hybrid active filter to suppress
the harmonics and prevent harmonic resonance in industrial facilities. The hybrid
active filter is composed of an active filter and a seventh-harmonic frequency tuned
passive filter. The hybrid active filter functions as damping conductance for harmonic
frequencies. A dynamical tuning control is realized to adjust the damping conductance
for maintaining the voltage harmonic distortion. The suppressed harmonic distortion
is conformed to the harmonics limitation, such as IEEE std. 519-1992. The capacitors
of the hybrid filter sustain fundamental grid voltage and allow the inverter to operate
in lower kVA rating. In addition, a dc bus controller was designed to hold the
capacitor voltage by controlling the fundamental leading current. The simulations and
laboratory results are provided to verify the effectiveness on suppressing harmonic
Date26 July 2010
CreatorsWnag, Yen-ching
ContributorsYu-Jen Lin, Yaow-Ming Chen, Hurng-Liahung Jou, Tzhung-Lin Lee, Jian-Fu Chen
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightscampus_withheld, Copyright information available at source archive

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