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the Competence of Non-IT Background Project Manager Leading IT Project

¡@¡@More and more organisations are increasing the demand of Information Technology (IT) project owing to the rapid technological development in nowadays business environment. With the high growth of IT project, it can cause heavy work-overload for IT Managers, which often resulted in reduction of work productivity. In reality, a considerable number of tasks in organisation are operating by projects. These require more project managers to control. Unfortunately, industry analysis reveals that qualified IT project managers have not increased relatively. Many managers have experience in participation or leading in project management, which portrays those managers have reached a certain extent of competences of project management. It is possible that organisations can select qualified IT managers from those non-IT background managers.
¡@¡@The study will use the theory of focus groups by interviewing some managers, who have the experience in IT project management, to identify the essential competences requirements of a non-IT project manager as being an IT project leader. Meanwhile, analyze the top three competences for IT project managers that usually mentioned by scholars so as to understand the critical impact asnd relationship for the non-IT project managers as leading IT project.
¡@¡@The final conclusion and contribution of this study are as follows:
1. A non-IT project manager should have the "30 competences" in leading the IT related environment.
2. "Communication, planning and control," not only are the basic competences, but also "the most important competences". If the non-IT project manager is lacking these three competences, he is not qualified to be an IT project manager.
3. Compare to an IT project manager, a non-IT project manager is lacking the knowledge and skills within the IT environment. One of the most important aspects is tool capacity, followed by the "IT based knowledge"
4. A non-IT project manager needs a strong ¡§communication skills" to help him strengthen the "planning capacity" and to overcome the inadequate "control capabilities".
Date30 July 2008
CreatorsHuang, Yao-Tsung
ContributorsFen-Hui Lin, Hsin-Hui Lin, Jen-Her Wu
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsunrestricted, Copyright information available at source archive

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