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Stability Analysis of Three-Wheel Stroller

¡@¡@This study provides static and dynamic analysis of three-wheel stroller which is marketed. The model of stroller is built by computer- aided design software SolidWorks for perform static analysis on finite element analysis software ANSYS and mechanism¡¦s dynamic analysis on directed computer-aided mechanism analysis software COSMOSMotion.
¡@¡@It is important of stroller safety because it carry tender babies. The stroller should be examined carefully with three-wheel stroller always used on outdoor. CNS 6263 provides the standard for the safety test on the structure of the stroller, which includes a static analysis. In order to offer absolute safety for stroller, CNS uses a high standard to test the sample. For the market permission, the stroller needs to pass the CNS test, company always let stroller too strong to pass the test, and that will let the volume and weight too large to burden with cost. In this thesis, the researcher discussed the different on stroller between the traditional design and the CNS standard design. He also made an assumption the check if the stroller is overdesign.
¡@¡@A three-wheel stroller is a jogging stroller, and it is usually used on high velocity. Manufacturer should consider its steady, especially when the mass center of three-wheel stroller is usually too high. Dynamic analysis in this study will discuss the effect on the stroller when the forces of user are applied on the stroller. By the rollover formula of the three-wheel car, this study modified the program for three-wheel stroller in order to consider the influence of the force on the stroller. Comparing the results between the simulation of software and the calculation of the rollover function of three-wheel stroller, this study provides models for designers to prevent the rollover from the stroller.
Date31 July 2008
CreatorsLee, Chia-yun
ContributorsJih-Sheng Lo, Shi-Pin Ho, Shyue-Jian Wu, Chorng-Fuh Liu
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsnot_available, Copyright information available at source archive

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