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A Study of ¡§the Merger of Kaohsiung City & Kaohsiung Port¡¨ & the Development of ¡§Maritime Capital¡¨

Taiwan is a typical country of island which locates at the shipping center of northeast & southeast Asia. The economic circle constituted by its relevant ocean shipping routes reveals its importance of sea transportation and trade location. With the natural condition, the advantageous Taiwanese coastal line lasts for around 1500 kilometers, the island currently has international ports such as Keelung, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien, etc; in addition, there are also supplementary ports such as Taipei, Anping and Suao. The export economic trade from the port is the main economic lifeblood in Taiwan as the large overseas trade relies heavily on sea transportation. Kaohsiung city is a province as Port of Kaohsiung is the largest one in the country which plays a decisive role of the throughput in the world. The research starts from the marine capital ¡V Kaohsiung. The integrated plan and construction of port and city, development of economy & trade and cultural tourism, relevant regulation and the advancement of strategic direction and other factors all influence the change of greater economic environment in the country, which also exhibits the crucial role of the marine capital.
The port-city integration and the transformation of container port organization of the marine capital have become the public focus of the society; President Chen Shui-bian declared the thorough implementation of the policy and concept of port-city integration dated 5th of Aug. 2000, which indicated the mutual participation of municipal works and plan, construction, management and operation of commercial port of the government and local administration. In the aspect of concrete action, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, R.O.C. will establish shipping administration bureau, set branches in each port and reform Maritime Administration into special public incorporated administration. The task of port-city integration of Kaohsiung city was transferred and consigned to Management Committee of Port of Kaohsiung for advancement and management from the 19th of May 2001, which is a big step forward of the management of port-city integration. Kaohsiung city government and Maritime Administration had substantial interaction in the aspects of transportation, tourism, culture and many constructions during the period of time, in addition, the 13th Kaohsiung Military Port was transferred to Kaohsiung city government dated 30th of Oct. 2005 and now has become one of the tourist scenic spot, which is an indication of the expected port-city integration. For further advancement of marine capital, heading to port-city integration, future perspective of the plan for municipal works and international competitiveness, the research will collect and organize relevant construction, plan and literature of Port of Kaohsiung and discuss the current condition and current implementation condition of Kaohsiung city and the geographical environment of the port area. The following discussion is made at the relevant problems between 4 major international ports in Taiwan and the international area, as the further synthesized analysis is carried out for the discussion of the operation strategy and development of Kaohsiung port-city integration in the hope to achieve the ideal of marine capital as soon as possible.
Date01 August 2007
CreatorsHuang, Shu-mei
ContributorsYing-yao Cheng, Chung-Pan Lee, Yung-Fang Chiu, Yang-yih Chen
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
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