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Study on Impedance Matching for RF Sputtering Optimization

In this study, we propose to investigate the variation of impedance,energy transfer from the RF generator to the discharge is not perfect, and then to improve the sputtering efficiency. For the deposition of insulating film by sputtering technique, the external factors such as input RF power,gar pressure and gas flow rate, and the internal parts of sputtering system such as sputtering target, substrate, and the structure of internal wells of chamber, lead to deviate sputtering parameters such as the DC bias on substrate, ion density in the plasma, and the capacitance of the sheath of glow discharge. All of the factors introduce larger deviations of impedance matching into the sputtering system, that results in decrease the efficiency of film deposition and/or induce re-sputtering phenomena.Comparisons are made with various matching networks applied in real RF sputtering systems. The networks, L-type is choose as the impedance matching network of the RF sputtering system for investigation, is analytically studied in their interaction with the experimental device.From the characteristics of L-type studied, in case of numerical values are deduced and used for the optimizing control the impedance matching network. Finally, by using this technology of impedance matching network, the optimizing sputtering efficiency is achieved and that can enhance the stability of equipment and increase the sputtering rate.
Date02 August 2007
CreatorsTsou, Chu-Hua
ContributorsHerng-Yih Ueng, Chih-Hiong Liao, Yu-Feng Huang
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsnot_available, Copyright information available at source archive

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