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The Study of Lifetime Prediction and Reliability Test of Co-Chromaticity Glass and Silicone Phosphor

A Ce:YAG-doped glass phosphor layer instead of conventional Ce:YAG-doped silicone phosphor layer as phosphor-converted white-light emitting diodes (PC-WLEDs) is demonstrated. The advantage of employing doped glass encapsulation in high power PC-WLEDs could be explained the material property of glass transition temperature of 750¢J was higher than silicone of 150¢J.
The lumen degradation, chromaticity shift, color temperature change, transmittance, and fluorescence spectrum in glass and silicone based high-power PC-WLEDs under thermal aging at 150¢J, 200¢J, and 250¢J is compared and presented. Under highest temperature of 250¢J, the glass and silicone encapsulation base d PC-WLEDs exhibited 8.15% and 38.85% in lumen loss, 1.07 and 7.32 in chromaticity shift, 856 K and 3666 K in color temperature change, 4.21% and 28.1% in transmittance loss, respectively. However, the excitation spectrum altered as slight as emission spectrum before and after experiments.
After aging test, the mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) evaluation of glass and silicone encapsulation materials for PC-WLEDs in accelerated thermal tests is also compared and presented by the using of Weibull distribution and Arrhenius equation. The MTTF of PC-WLEDs is defined the lumen decayed to 90%. The results showed that the glass as encapsulation material of PC-WLEDs exhibited higher MTTF than the silicone encapsulation by about 4.81, 5.92, and 7.53 times in lumen loss at 150¢J, 200¢J, and 250¢J, respectively.
The results of the lumen loss, chromaticity shift, and MTTF investigations demonstrated that the thermal-stability performance of the glass based PC-WLEDs were better than silicone based PC-WLEDs at 150¢J, 200¢J, and 250¢J. A better thermal stability phosphor layer of glass as encapsulation material may be beneficial to the many applications where the LED modules with high power and high reliability are demanded.
Date04 August 2011
CreatorsLiou, Jyun-Sian
ContributorsWood-Hi Cheng, Cho-Hua Kuang, Chin-Ping Yu, Wen-Hou Lan, Chun-Chin Tsai
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsuser_define, Copyright information available at source archive

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