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Reengining Immunity Test Manufactory in Taiwan for examples: G. B. C

At present, diagnostic reagent is the most fruitful and important realm in internal biotech product commercialization. Compared to other biotech medicine with the industrial characteristics of complications such as: high investment, high risk, and long-term research and development; diagnostic reagent, relatively, acquires a lower threshold for technique, a short-term research and development, less investment and a short time for feedback. In addition, people gradually acquire the notions of prophylaxis and health care, as a result, the potentiality of diagnostic reagent comes to the market¡¦s notice. The process of diagnostic reagent development can be divided by the mainstream techniques into four phases including: the technology of chemical test, the technology of enzyme test, the technology of immunoassay test, the technology of nuclease molecule test and biochip. From this, we know that the technology of immunity test is still the mainstream in the market, but there is a trend toward the development of the technology of nuclease molecule immunoassay.
General Biologicals Corp. is the first built diagnostic reagent manufacture in our country, and, so far, it is the only diagnostic reagent manufacture that meets with the Department of Health¡¦s CGMP standard. The General Biologicals Corp. is the only internal manufacture that produces ELISA and EIA microplate. However, the General Biologicals Corps has less than 1% of six hundred million, and foreign manufactures have it all. The General Biologicals Corps went public in recent years, and the company has a microplate immunoassay diagnostic reagent factory for over twenty years. Those doctors, examiners and sales clerks who used the immunoassay reagent produced by the General Biologicals Corps are all in high positions in this industry. They know this company and also their reagent kits which have a low sensitivity. More important is that the reagent kits are not improved for all these years. The bad impression of the company makes the customers and collaborators have doubts about the quality, the attitude of the personnel and the sincerity of the company. It results in a trust crisis.
In light of the five competitiveness analyses in the executive strategies: dynamic competition of the company in enterprise; S.W.O.T competitiveness analysis; smiling curve and bitter smiling curve; red ocean and blue ocean strategy and, finally, the administration of registering examined medical instrument, to see the integral competitiveness of the company in the industrial competitive environment. Can the General Biologicals Corp. seek league and collaboration in the competitors to seize the internal market, and then the overseas market. By these analyses and advises, to reengeneering the General Biologicals Corp. has a new management on the visible foundation.
Key Word¡GImmunity Test, Nuclear Molecular Immuno assay. Five Force, Reengeneering
Date07 August 2006
CreatorsShyu, Wei-Chue
ContributorsDong-Jenn Yang, Ming-rea Kao, Chang-yung Liu
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
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