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¡§SME-MIT¡¨¡GAn inquiry of knowing process from phenomenological perspectives

To comprehend the meaning of ¡§SME-MIT¡¨, this research is focus on the life experiences and entrepreneurial stories of SME-enterprisers who have engaged in manufacturing merchandise in Taiwan.
In this research, I adopt Husserlian's Phenomenological perspectives to conduct a holistic analysis on these entrepreneurial stories, and try to converse with them continually with a reflection on myself. The features ¡§SME-MIT¡¨ represents in the process of entrepreneurship are: a conformation of a series of body experiences, a practical attitude about holding fast to what is good, and a family-like chemistry between long-term partners Besides, the The ¡§SME-MIT¡¨ experiences entrepreneurs are founded through a phenomenological approach in the research. They not only have encouraged the enterprisers themself to reconstruct subjectivity and return to their hometown, but also has build up unique competitive advantages of businesses for the enterprisers.
Date15 August 2011
CreatorsChang, Chih-lung
ContributorsDun-hou Tsai, Ching-fang Lee, Yu-chung Liu, Chih-yuan Wang
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsunrestricted, Copyright information available at source archive

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