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A Marketing Strategies Study on the Tan-dao Corporation move to Tianjin Condiment Market

Bay manufacturing advantages and the value of a condiment, is the island's geographical location, surrounded by the sea, there are year-round spring climate, clean and high environmental awareness of water quality, manufacturing technology, high-quality manufacturing process, test, and because China has a huge market, the population 1.3 billion, a number of domestic consumers, the two sides is the same culture and species, under similar cultural background, as Taiwanese are more likely to open up the mainland's domestic market, persistent efforts to carry forward the industry in Taiwan seasoning, to enter the Chinese domestic consumer market .
Taiwan's creativity continues to grow, in the three-hit, no limit innovation, creative spirit and excellence a never catch up, how to make condiments into Tianjin, China, Taiwan, the retail channel market research qualitative depth interview research design methods, Castle is a Taiwanese village and MIT food industry the most red in the Chinese market, not only Shenju with quality assurance and good service for the Chinese Tianjin consumer preferences, health care will be healthy food seasonings market in Tianjin analysis, in Taiwan domestic market condiment station in Tianjin have a place to row, this research SWOT framework of STP 4P marketing mix, chain of retail outlets of market opportunities, understanding of local spices and combined with local related industries have been cultivating the Taiwan Tianjin businesses to quickly extend the concept by the business, manufacturers seeking to achieve cross-strait business cooperation, agents, distributors, changing the mainland lifestyle Taiwan, Taiwan is an opportunity for companies manufacturing spices, ECFA in June 2010 after the signing of but also through the Taiwan External Trade Association and the Tianjin Municipal Government in July 2010 the first exhibition in Tianjin famous Taiwan.
Through depth interviews are related to transfer goods in Tianjin market access material manufacturers to make more appropriate future course of business marketing strategy, marketing strategy to promote better cross the marketing of the relevant industry, economic and trade exchanges, I hope the Taiwanese manufacturers continued stability of the family income, Cultivating Taiwan value and enhance the international competitiveness of Taiwan's operators hope to bring the best time opportunities.
The Tianjin bring more healthy and delicious spices, creating win-win situation, and therefore people in the right place together with the collection of funds, personnel, technology, small and medium enterprises in Taiwan to fight for business resilience and perseverance, Taiwan based China, another cause of suffering praise carbon road heights.
Date31 August 2011
CreatorsSun, Tzu-Fei
ContributorsMin-Hsin Huang, Hueimei. Liang, Jason H. Huang, Jun-ying Huang
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsuser_define, Copyright information available at source archive

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