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Practical issues of corporate restructuring¡VA study of pharmaceutical companies

The purpose of restructuring the company into financial difficulties the company can make by corporate restructuring procedures, the company has re-rehabilitation may be an opportunity to make a comeback. Although the corporate restructuring law conception fine, but the actual success of corporate restructuring are too low, and the case company is one of the successful cases.
To understand the success of the process of corporate restructuring cases in this study will use the case study method. With access to several key players in the restructuring process, the interview will collate the case a key factor in the success of corporate restructuring.
The study reached the following conclusions. First, the case is due to corporate restructuring with banks' own liquidity problems operational difficulties, resulting in companies facing financial problems. Second, faced with staff that the process of restructuring, legal cases, and re-engineering business for the company who are not familiar with such challenges. Third, the restructuring strategy includes: communicating with stakeholders, dealing with litigation, research and development into new products, expand business and markets. Fourth, the case company to create value is developed and patented new products, new market development. Fifth, the case is due to the success of corporate restructuring were re-, re-engineering supervisor with the operators of perseverance, staff cohesion and trust of customers, legal affairs are handled properly and expand the market and new product development.
Date31 August 2011
CreatorsTsai, Chi-Chen
ContributorsMing-Chu Yu, Bih-Shiaw Jaw, Yu-Ping Wang
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsuser_define, Copyright information available at source archive

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