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The Research of the Organization Builds up an e-Learning System Process and Training Performance Indicator

The information technology progressing recently causes the growing of e-learning development and researches. When organizations continuously seek profits to sustain, the benefit of using e-learning is a question mark. Today, the businesses having e-learning and related studies are getting more and more. The idea of making this study of was start from the advantages that a company really can get. Hopefully it is able to give a full picture of the whole process and discuss the training performance indicators to the companies which will structure e-learning in the future and for research reference as well. Therefore, I chose an optoelectronic firm using e-learning as my subject to start with my research through the way of case study and the following objectives.
1. To understand the procedure of organization to introduce e-learning system.
2. To evaluate the results of e-learning through performance indicators.
In this report, I¡¦ll describe the steps of launching e-learning including to analyze, develop strategy, select alternatives, execute, sell the programs, evaluate and improve in the chosen organization. And I¡¦ll discuss the effectiveness of brining in e-learning through performance indicators as well.
It is found that Level 1 and 2, training feedback and learning level, are acceptable. However, Level 3, training behavior, is unrelated, and Level 4, training achievement, presents a negative-correlation. From the outcomes, the training benefit does not cover the behavior change and training achievement, although the build-up procedure is completed.
Consequently, I recommend enterprises that are interested in building e-learning structure not only refer to the method of subject company, but also concern the affection of e-learning in the field of behavior and achievement.
Date06 September 2005
CreatorsChiu, Wen-Cheng
ContributorsJen-Jsung Huang, Chin-Kang Jen, I-Heng Chen
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsunrestricted, Copyright information available at source archive

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