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Sweden social protection institution which gives Taiwan the enlightenment

Taiwan is going forward a new era as more than fifty years economic and democracy making the big progress. Especially, social structure change a lot that people is getting old, therefore, most people think about the importance of social protection institution.
Sweden Model is so-called the best successful social protection institution in the world. This research analyses the Sweden Model in order to find out Sweden history
Background and the big influence that keep the justice in the society. And then, try to draw a lesson from making the comparison and analysis between Sweden and Taiwan.
This research has drawn ten lessons from the accomplishment: 1. to reinforce the adjustment project of economic, 2.through law to manage the economic, 3.through harmonizing the economic to make progress, 4.the labor union make the competition to eliminate the inferior enterprises, use the taxes regulation to increase the accumulation and investment of enterprises, pay attention to the education and re-education of the employees, 7. to develop the perfect social benefits, 8. to minimize the discrepancy between the areas, 9. more power of the labor union, have the better international background.
At last, give three policy suggestions: 1. government must pay attention to people¡¦s livelihood. 2. government must concern people¡¦s basic interest in order to have the support from them. 3. stable political situation and continue policies are the basic conditions to set up the good social protection institution.
Date07 September 2007
CreatorsLin-Chiao, Wang
ContributorsCheng Yin-Yao, Kang Sin-Hon, Chen Chi-Min, Cheng Shan-Non
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
Rightsnot_available, Copyright information available at source archive

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