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Re-verification for percedent cause modes of organizational politics consciousness--Two domestic and large-scale of private finance organizations contemplated for verification

During decades, the definitions of organizational politics are different by many researches of organizational politics. And also, the limitations of behave of organizational politics are in confusion or divisive. In an enterprise¡¦s business, the employer may demand his¡]her¡^staff to work well, however, his or her staff may work in accordance with politic behave within organization. The problems are that what kind of environment shall make the staff to act relative response to it so-called ¡§Consciousness of fact¡¨ but not for ¡§Reality of fact¡¨, and what concerns shall be involved about? These issues are worthily to study.
I, the author currently serving in finance industry, I¡¦ve felt that there are great shocks generated or gave directly to the organizational tradition culture or employee¡¦s mental adjustment of finance organization since the stipulation of ¡§Finance Control Law¡¨ for which has forced the existing financial organizations to adopt combination or consolidation measures.
This study has proposed two domestic and large-scale of private finance organizations for verification. The sampling of separated levels ratio is applied, 286 questionnaires were issued and 251 questionnaires were availably replied. Before final verification, these questionnaires were statistically analyzed by difference, relativity and multi-recovery etc, and following points were concluded.
1. After explorative research, the organizational politics consciousness is mainly divided as three aspects.
¡]1¡^The behave of political consciousness for high rank and colleague.
¡]2¡^The behave of political consciousness for qualification promotion policy
¡]3¡^The behave of political consciousness for silence with personal benefit.
2. The difference of individual variety to organizational politics consciousness.
¡]1¡^Age, qualification and leadership are totally have obvious difference to organizational politics consciousness.
¡]2¡^Leadership has obvious difference to the three aspects of organizational politics consciousness respectively.
¡]3¡^Age only has obvious difference to the aspect of high rank and colleague, of organizational politics consciousness.
¡]4¡^Qualification hasn¡¦t obvious different to the three aspects of organizational politics consciousness.
3. The outcome of influential assumed verification
Follows were found after multi-recovery analysis¡G
Individual variety¡]Markivillism, A type human characteristic, leadership¡^
Organization¡¦s construction¡]Specialization¡^
Working feature¡]Interactive relation, promotion opportunity, integration¡^
Upon explanation, the seven varieties above have 41.2% variety volume relatively to the organizational politics consciousness.
Date18 November 2003
CreatorsChen, Hung-shu
ContributorsChin-Ming Ho, Ko, Jyh-Jer, Jin Feng Uen, Chin-Ming Ho
Source SetsNSYSU Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Archive
Detected LanguageEnglish
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