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Methodology and analysis of ground maneuver synchronization at the National Training Center

Thesis (M.S. in Operations Analysis)--Naval Postgraduate School, September 1990. / Thesis Advisor(s): Read, Robert R. ; Dryer, David A. Second Reader: Johnsen, Laura D. "September 1990." Description based on title screen as viewed on December 17, 2009. DTIC Descriptor(s): Ground Level, Warfare, Infantry, Attack, Shortages, Synchronization(Electronics), Arms Control, Maneuvers, Deserts, Measurement, Missions. DTIC Identifier(s): Land Warfare, Combat effectiveness, Attack, Military Tactics, Army Operations, Military Doctrine, Synchronism, Command and Control Systems, Joint Military Activities, Desert Warfare, Measures of Effectiveness, Army Training, Military Exercises, Task Forces. Author(s) subject terms: Mass, Velocity, Momentum, Mission Critical Point, Strong Point, Defensive Belt, Synchronization, Command and Control. Includes bibliographical references (p. 85). Also available in print.
Date January 1990
CreatorsParker, Joel R.
PublisherMonterey, California : Naval Postgraduate School,
Source SetsOCLC
Detected LanguageEnglish
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