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De multiplici integrali definito [integral from -[infinity] to [infinity]-- [integral from -[infinity] to [infinity] e([summation of 1 to n] [summation of 1 to n] a[m̳u̳]₁[n̳u̳]X[m̳u̳]X[n̳u̳] + [summation of 1 to n] b[m̳u̳]X[m̳u̳] + c)[square root of minus one] dx₁dx₂ ... dxn̳

Thesis (doctoral)--Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Berlin, 1863. / Vita. On t.p., the expression in parentheses after e and [square root of minus one] are superscript and [m̳u̳], [n̳u̳] and n̳ are subscript.
Date January 1900
CreatorsSchultze, Eduard,
PublisherBerolini : Typis expressit G. Lange,
Source SetsOCLC
Detected LanguageEnglish
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