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Methods of evaluating quality of Marshall strawberries for manufacture

The need to replace the present methods of rating the acceptability of a manufacturer's lot of strawberries is indicated. Work has been done towards adapting and developing laboratory techniques for this purpose.
The quality factors checked upon were the state of maturity, the effectiveness of processing work, and the freedom from adulteration. In connection with the maturity of the strawberries a color technique is outlined, some factors of the growing conditions are introduced, and a relationship is shown between these and the aroma.
The residues of dirt and insects are checked against a classification of the processing plants in showing the quality of preparation. Mold and included water are considered under adulteration.
New methods are outlined for preparing the sample, counting the insects, estimating dirt, and evaluating maturity by color. / Graduation date: 1954
Date13 April 1954
CreatorsWood, Edmond Harvey
ContributorsNiven, Thomas B.
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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