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Thermodynamics of the Pd������Ni������Cu������P������ metallic glass-forming alloy

By the investigation of the bulk metallic glass-forming liquids that have very low critical cooling rates, the thermodynamics of metallic glasses can be clarified. For studying thermodynamic properties, such as the specific heat capacity, calorimetry (DSC) is utilized and one of the most used instruments is the differential scanning calorimeter. In this study calorimetry was used to investigate the thermodynamics of the Pd������Ni������Cu������P������ alloy. The specific heat capacity of the liquid and crystalline state, enthalpy, entropy, as well as Gibbs free energy difference between the liquid and crystalline state were measured and evaluated in comparison with previous studies of the alloy. The Pd������Ni������Cu������P������ alloy is known as a metallic glass-forming alloy that has high ability for vitrification without crystallization. By observing the onset of heat flux of the exothermic reactions in the DSC, the time-temperature-transformation diagram can be constructed, and the diagram confirms the high ability for the vitrification for the sample. In addition, the effect of fluxing by B���O��� to reduce
heterogeneous nucleation is determined by the TTT-diagram. The enthalpy change during the crystallization was directly measured in experiments in which the sample was held isothermally in the DSC. Both enthalpies, calculated from the specific heat capacity measurements and direct measured enthalpy exactly match each other. The very interesting effect in these experiments is an effect of heat treatment in the samples. Two glass transition temperatures can be noticeably recognized by scanning the exothermic event of the sample with the DSC. The material separates into two undercooled liquids. The two phases that are separated during heat treatment can be described by two different fragility parameters. / Graduation date: 2001
Date15 March 2001
CreatorsKuno, Masahiro
ContributorsBusch, Ralf
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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