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The development of commercially viable brushless doubly-fed machines

Basic operation, as well as successful development, of the Brush less Doubly-fed
Machine (BDFM) has been documented, and research has turned from proof of concept
and early development to the more practical direction of increased manufacturability to
prove industrial viability. Previous research centered on using standard induction motor
stators along with a manufactured BDFM rotor. The more recent efforts center around
a ground up design of an optimized BDFM prototype system including a custom
converter, a custom die-cast rotor, and a custom stator, all designed specifically for a
BDFM system. This paper presents the design process involved in the development of
the rotor and stator of a pre-production optimized 5 hp BDFM with a die-cast rotor,
from the initial evaluation of the desired specifications to design, simulation,
construction, and finally to testing. Using the results of the 5 hp BDFM design, a 15 hp
BDFM was designed and manufactured, and the results of that effort are included in this
paper as well. This complete process, from design to testing, enables a closed loop
analysis of the design techniques and tools used; the successes of the design can be
affirmed and the shortcomings identified and corrected. While the primary goal of this
paper is to produce two successful BDFM prototypes, the secondary goal is to improve
the BDFM design process. / Graduation date: 1998
Date26 August 1997
CreatorsBellagh, Robert L.
ContributorsSpee, Rene
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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