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Fully developed laminar natural convection in a vertical parallel plate channel with symmetric uniform wall temperature

Described in this thesis is an investigation of the fully developed natural convection
heat transfer in a vertical channel formed by two infinitely wide parallel plates
maintained at a uniform wall temperature. Closed-form solutions for the velocity
and temperature profiles are developed along with local and averaged Nusselt
numbers. The local Nusselt number based on bulk temperature is found to be 3.77.
This result is an analog corresponding to 7.60 for fully developed laminar forced
convection in a parallel plate channel with uniform wall temperature boundary
condition. The local Nusselt number based on the ambient temperature is deduced
as a function of flowwise location. Results are compared with existing numerical
and experimental data to find good agreement. / Graduation date: 1997
Date07 June 1996
CreatorsWillie, Robert H.
ContributorsKanury, A. Murty
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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