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A pipelined baseband digital predistortion architecture for RF amplifier linearization

This thesis describes the design of a baseband digital predistortion
architecture for radio frequency (RF) amplifier linearization. Existing amplifier
linearization techniques are first examined. The nonlinearity of an amplifier can
be characterized as amplitude-to-amplitude distortion and amplitude-to-phase
distortion. The distortion can be corrected by providing a predistorted driver
signal (both in amplitude and phase) to the amplifier. This counteracts the
nonlinearity of the amplifier so that the overall system is more linear. A
pipelined predistortion architecture is designed to allow fast processing speed,
and is capable of providing linearization for a bandwidth of 25 Mhz. The
simulation results show significant improvement in amplifier's performance
using predistortion technique. The system bandwidth versus cost is examined
by using commercially available components. / Graduation date: 1996
Date30 May 1995
CreatorsXu, Xiangqing
ContributorsHerzog, James H.
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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