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Frequency-domain, parameter estimation for a brushless, doubly-fed machine

A Brushless, Doubly Fed Machine (BDFM) attempts to combine the advantages
of conventional induction and synchronous types of electrical machines by its unique
architecture. The validation of BDFM designs in an actual test environment requires the
estimation of the BDFM model parameters from actual experimentation. Accurate values
for the parameters are also required by controllers that will be used in the future with
specific objectives in mind. This study deals with the design of an estimation scheme to
evaluate the parameters for a BDFM, dynamic model. Experimental results are presented.
Conventional, practical estimation schemes are based generally on a number of
experiments carried out at different operating points, or are limited to estimating a few
parameters. The thrust of this work is towards developing a technique that can evaluate
all parameters of the BDFM model around the same operating point, and, with limited
number of experiments.
The parameter estimation scheme is developed with practical implementation in
mind. The constraints of the experimental procedure are outlined. The validity of the
estimation scheme has been established by tests on a laboratory prototype of the BDFM. / Graduation date: 1995
Date28 June 1994
CreatorsRamchandran, Ashok
ContributorsAlexander, Gerald C.
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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