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Design procedure for brushless doubly-fed machine used as a limited speed-range pump drive

The continuing desire of industry to further improve process efficiency,
through tighter control and energy conservation, has prompted users to pay closer
attention to Adjustable Speed Drives (ASDs). The conventional ASDs consist of
induction or synchronous motors controlled by power electronic controllers through
the adjustment of supply frequency and line voltage. The drawback of these
conventional ASDs lies in the high cost of the power electronic controllers which
have the same rating as that of the machine itself.
The Brush less Doubly-Fed Machine (BDFM) ASD has proven, both
analytically and experimentally, to provide a cost effective and a wide range of
precise speed control. The experimental BDFM prototypes built to date were
designed and constructed individually based on designers' experience with self-cascaded
machines. The success with these prototypes has promoted the idea of
standardizing the design procedure for all future BDFMs. This thesis offers a
general design procedure for the BDFM, which can serve as a first step in
standardizing the manufacturing process of this machine. The procedure is
presented in the form of a demonstration, by applying it to the design of a 60-hp,
600 to 900 r/min, 460-volts BDFM pump drive to replace the currently utilized
conventional 60-hp wound rotor induction motor ASD. An ideal design, which
determines machine details such as physical dimensions, slot specifics and
conductor details based on conservative magnetic and electric loading assumptions,
is one form of the design procedure. The other form, the practical design, involves
utilizing a specified physical dimensions and slot details to determine the associated
conductors' details and to insure the compliance of machine loadings with up-to-date
industrial standards. In both procedures, the design will be made to satisfy, if
not to exceed, the existing conventional drive performance. / Graduation date: 1994
Date29 October 1993
CreatorsAlajmi, Abdulhadi M.
ContributorsWallace, Alan K.
Source SetsOregon State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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