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A National Study of the Impact of Family Structure on the Educational Attainment of African American Males| A Logistic Regression Analysis of General Social Survey Data

<p>To what degree is family structure correlated with the educational attainment of African American males? African American males have consistently low educational attainment levels and are removed from the educational environment more than any other group of students enrolled in public schools. This study examines the impact of family structure on the educational attainment levels of African American males, controlling for parental levels of education, social class, and income. African American males often become disenfranchised with the educational process; thus experiencing lower levels of educational attainment. Educational attainment is related to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Researchers argue that family structure has a strong relationship with educational attainment. They also suggest that beyond socioeconomic status, parental levels of educational attainment foster similar attainment in the individual children.
Date03 February 2016
CreatorsSampay-Hawkins, Keicia Annette
PublisherUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Detected LanguageEnglish

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