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The influence of accountability and commitment on team performance of airline flight crews

<p>The current quantitative correlational study used statistical analysis to determine if a significant relationship existed between accountability and commitment (predictor variables) and flight crew performance (criterion variable). A random sample of 205 flight crew personnel were selected from the targeted population of 371 personnel. Descriptive statistics were conducted on the sample and variables of interest. Cronbach?s alpha reliability statistics were also presented for the scales. Multiple linear regression tests were conducted to address the research questions. Accountability composite scores ranged from 3.25 to 5.00. Composite scores for commitment ranged from 2.63 to 4.43, and composite scores for team performance ranged from 3.72 to 4.28. Simple linear regression tests were used in the study to test two hypotheses that involved the influence of accountability and commitment on flight crew teams? performance. Findings for the study indicated that the assumptions were met and that a significant relationship existed between the influence of accountability and commitment on airline flight crew teams? performance. In addition, results from the linear regression tests determined that there were significant positive correlations between accountability and commitment (independent) and flight crews? team performance (dependent) variables.
Date17 February 2016
CreatorsGreenfield Pace, Joe Ann
PublisherCapella University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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