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The predictive value of committed relationships and confidence on self-perceived mate value

<p> The field of evolutionary psychology focuses on many human behaviors; mate selection and value being some of the issues under examination. Mate value is an important concept for explaining mating strategies. Self-perceived mate value is a component of mate value that explains how one views himself or herself as a potential mating partner. The utilization of theories including the triangular theory of love and social exchange aid in explaining the variables under review. The three variables under review include level of confidence in maintaining a relationship, level of commitment to the relationship, and length of time in the relationship, which impact one&rsquo;s level of self-perceived mate value. This study used one demographic measurement and three questionnaires: Relationship Contingent Self-Esteem Scale, Commitment to Relationship Scale, and the Mate Value Inventory. Further, this research distributed surveys to 114 students at a 2-year technical college in central Wisconsin to test a model through multiple regression. Using multiple regression, this study found that two of the variables (level of confidence in maintaining a relationship, the level of commitment to the relationship) aided in explaining self-perceived mate value, while time spent in a commitment relationship was not statistically significant in relation to self-perceived mate value.</p>
Date25 March 2016
CreatorsBuemi, Samuel J.
PublisherCapella University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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