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Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)| A community awareness training for the Willowbrook community members| A grant proposal project

<p> The purpose of this project was to create awareness about the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) community. The CSEC victims face many challenges, which include socioeconomic hardship, mental health issues, criminal charges and inappropriate coping mechanism. The workshops will be focus on educating the Willowbrook community members and bringing awareness about CSEC using the Public Health Model (PHM) perspective. The workshops will focus on what commercial exploitation is, who the victims are, how CSEC victims are lured, circumstances that lead a juvenile into being sexually exploited, and what the community can do to help alleviate CSEC population. The workshops will only include risk factors associated with the CSEC population, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered Questioning Youth (LGBTQ), international sex trafficking and the main causes for the CSEC victims. The different prevention programs and interventions currently in place will also be a focus in the workshop. The major component of the proposed program will be to educate the community with facts about the CSEC population and linkages to the multiple programs serving the CSEC community. Submission and/or funding of the project were not requirements for the successful completion of this project.</p>
Date06 May 2016
CreatorsGaldamez, Elizabeth
PublisherCalifornia State University, Long Beach
Detected LanguageEnglish

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