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A comparative study of leadership skill requirements across sales, human resource and finance functions

<p> The purposed of this quantitative study was to identify whether leadership skill requirements to perform one&rsquo;s job effectively varies by job function. This research focuses on leadership skill rather than other leadership constructs such as leadership traits because leadership skills can be developed and improved upon. Past research in this area has identified that leadership skill requirements vary by level within an organization (executive, middle management, lower management) but nothing exists examining by job function (Mumford, Campion, &amp; Morgeson, 2007). In this research, the job functions examined were sales, human resources, and finance, and 146 interviews were completed. The results showed that certain softer leadership skills (listening and critical thinking) were more important leadership skills across all 3 functions. The findings also suggest that leadership skill requirements were not the same for the 3 job functions. Sales professionals required more interpersonal skill than their finance counterparts.</p>
Date05 May 2016
CreatorsConlin, Ronald P.
PublisherPepperdine University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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