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I Am The Space Where I Am| An Arts-Informed Autoethnographic Inquiry On Place-Conscious Education In The Community

<p> This thesis investigates how my representations of experience through arts-informed autoethnographic research are significant in establishing the pedagogical nature of place. I seek to understand how <i>place-conscious education</i> in a community setting can encourage students&rsquo; relationships with the spaces they inhabit and lend to a more just learning environment. Many educative tools are provided and analyzed which are derived from <i> wayfinding</i> and <i>psychogeographic</i> methods. Data was collected over two months throughout the Summer of 2015 while participating in the Onward Israel service learning program in Israel and Palestine. My digital photographs and excerpts of stream-of-consciousness style poetry serve as the data set to illuminate the rich sensory encounters and art making processes indicative of experiential learning.</p><p> This context-driven artwork encourages questions and dialogue about sociopolitical conflict and wars, migration and occupation. It is concerned with physical as well as psychological borders, checkpoints and boundaries. I utilized poetic and photographic inquiry as well as cognitive mapping to explore how concepts of <i>travel</i> are intricately linked to practices of self-reflexivity, community building and alternative curricula development outside of the formal classroom setting. This qualitative data is not a strictly defined set of interviews or statistics. Instead, vignettes of a more totalizing experience can be extracted, analyzed, dissected and/or rearranged. It is an exploration of identity, agency and untraditional ways of knowing the self/Other. I underscore how new pathways and possibilities for teaching emerge from a greater acceptance and validation of experiential knowledge and an attuned consciousness to place.</p>
Date29 July 2016
CreatorsMiller, Taylor Kathryn
PublisherThe University of Arizona
Detected LanguageEnglish

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