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Exhibiting the Student Experience| Coralie Guarino Davis's Newcomb College, 1943-1947

<p> This thesis examines and exposes the active student life of 1947 Newcomb College graduate Coralie Guarino Davis. Through the analysis of her diaries, I examine both the academic and social structure of Newcomb as a coordinate college and its effect on students in the 1940s as well as social and cultural events such as World War II and Carnival. Davis graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree that enabled her to work professionally in the art field and briefly as a Carnival designer. During her college education, Davis also experienced World War II. Davis and other students aided in the war effort through fundraising, experienced war rations, and anticipated the Allies victory. She also participated in Carnival as a queen of her krewe, the Elenians, in 1947. The exhibit is derived from her diary writings and presents an example of the typical Newcomb student experience during the 1940s in regards to education, the war, and New Orleans social events. Both my research and exhibit work to bridge the gap on Newcomb College history during World War II and enhance the scholarship on women in higher education and in New Orleans during the decade.</p>
Date01 December 2016
CreatorsManuel, Kay R.
PublisherUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Detected LanguageEnglish

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