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Business model innovation, business model enablers and the strategic agility paradox

<p> Business model innovation, business model enablers, and strategic agility are terms explicitly evaluated and explored by researchers and practitioners. The focus of this dissertation research project included the previous terms and the respective associations with business and leadership decision-making in the context of strategy and innovation. Research design and methodologies included a qualitative, embedded, single case-study through one-on-one, in-depth interviews with primary decision-makers from small technology companies in Minnesota, United States. Primary respondent qualifications were: (a) minimum of five years of experience, (b) minimum of five subordinates, and (c) decision power to influence business model innovation, business model enablers, or strategic agility. Three research questions guided the project: (1) How do the pillars of strategic agility (strategic sensitivity, leadership unity, and resource fluidity) affect business model innovations? (2) How can managers apply the pillars of strategic agility to enhance organizational strategic agility? and (3) How do senior leadership teams manage the contradictions and paradoxes within strategic agility? Respondent interviews were imported and analyzed through Nvivo qualitative data analytics software (QDAS). Over 50 findings are narrated in Chapter 4, of which included one of the key findings: Every company was actively engaged in the paradox, but none of the company leaders specifically calculated or processed the exact phrase &ndash; strategic agility paradox. Proposed in Chapter 5 are the set of recommendations for future researchers. The recommendations advocate research in or on contrasting industries and geographies, respondents with contrasting profiles, supplementary qualitative and quantitative techniques, alternative strategic agility pillars, and new research questions.</p>
Date12 March 2017
CreatorsMace, Richard
PublisherCapella University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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