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Half of the Sky| Integrating the Relational Right Brain in Adolescent Treatment

<p> Adolescent treatment has come to rely on behavioral correctives with an emphasis on autonomy. This emphasis neglects the importance of healing the relational capacity in order to build internalized security. Addressing insecure attachments enables adolescents to transform their internal working model established in their early life experiences, potentially enabling them to move forward confidently in the relational world ahead of them. Utilizing both hermeneutic and heuristic methodology, this thesis considers existing research and theory combined with personal experience to examine the far-reaching effects of attachment styles and the neurological and therapeutic importance of right-brain attunement as the basis of emotional healing. This thesis also explores traumatizing practices in residential adolescent treatment, which may be more aligned with business models instead of optimum clinical models. The cultural collective unconscious is considered as operating from patriarchal principles, emphasizing obedience and punishment over building both trust and relationality.</p>
Date10 March 2017
CreatorsMourad, Christine A.
PublisherPacifica Graduate Institute
Detected LanguageEnglish

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