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Lethe and the Twin Bodhisattvas of Forgiveness and Forgetfulness

<p> Journey with the myth of Lethe, spring of oblivion and mother of anxiety, into the land of radical forgiveness and forgetfulness, healing the soul of the world. Forgetfulness is defined as proactive and positive, not reductionist or regressive. The research includes a comprehensive research survey of over 300 papers and 100 works of literature related to concepts of forgiveness and forgetfulness. Qualitative, alchemical hermeneutics, intuitive inquiry, and shamanic participatory epistemology methodologies are applied to investigating how life might be improved by a deeper level of healing of the soul provided by forgiveness and forgetfulness. The findings indicate that forgiveness and forgetfulness heal the individual, collective, and the planet as a whole. Recommendations are made for further psychological research, clinical implementation, and inclusion of forgiveness and forgetfulness in the areas of general psychotherapeutic theory and practice; wisdom psychology; posttraumatic embitterment disorder (PTED); and transgenerational transmission of trauma, suicide, and trauma. </p>
Date08 April 2017
CreatorsMurdock, Jacob M.
PublisherPacifica Graduate Institute
Detected LanguageEnglish

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