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The Role of System of Systems in Additive Manufacturing

<p> The rapid growth in additive manufacturing technologies have brought various optimization techniques and methodologies to improve each phase that needs to be integrated and analyzed on system level to optimize the system performance. The challenges and limitations of each phase affect the system when integrated as a whole - creating a complex manufacturing environment that needs to be critically examined and managed. To have a better management of complex, emergent, and uncertain manufacturing system from design to recycling phase, a new way of thinking based on more holistic approach is necessary. In this paper, the system of systems paradigm (SoS) is introduced to treat additive manufacturing system as a whole and to present some SoS approaches that are based on holistic thinking. This paper provides a conceptual knowledge of SoS approach using systems principles, laws and approach emphasizing the characteristics and attributes of complex manufacturing system to the AM domain.</p>
Date21 April 2017
CreatorsBhandari, Suyogya
PublisherMississippi State University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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