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Post-Succession Leadership| Factors Affecting New Leader Ability to Impact Change

<p> Executive level turnover is an unavoidable challenge for organizations in every sector. The challenges associated with leadership turnover have been explored in a variety of contexts, most frequently focused on how turnover impacts organizational performance, yet very little research has focused on post-succession leadership. This evidence based dissertation found that a transitioning leader&rsquo;s efforts to affect change impacts performance and identified those factors that impact a post-succession executive leader&rsquo;s ability to implement change. </p><p> Current research focuses on whether or not leadership turnover affects performance and whether or not the performance is affected negatively or positively. There is a lack of consistency in the findings that turnover itself impacts performance or that turnover either has a negative or positive effect. This inconsistency in overall findings suggests that the impact on performance following a leadership transition is not due to the transition itself, but other factors. One of the primary leadership actions taken to affect performance following executive-level leadership transition is the new leader&rsquo;s initiation of change during the transitional period.</p><p> This dissertation to provide context as to how leadership actions affect change in a post-transition organizational environment and thereby impact performance following an executive-level turnover. Through systematic review of 53 articles, including primary research studies and gray literature, studies identified 19 elements that pointed to the leader&rsquo;s ability to influence the organization, the organization&rsquo;s susceptibility to the leader&rsquo;s influence, and the methodology the new leader uses to influence. An assessment tool for post-transition leaders was developed to assist in informing executive-level leader&rsquo;s change initiatives following a leadership succession.</p>
Date16 June 2017
CreatorsBolton, Rebecca S.
PublisherUniversity of Maryland University College
Detected LanguageEnglish

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