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The Mental Health and Well-Being of College Students in Cambodia

<p> The present study investigated the prevalence of depression, anxiety, stress and resiliency among college students in Cambodia. The study further identified the impact of socio-demographic factors including gender, place of upbringing, religious affiliation, and perceived financial status on the mental health and resilience of Cambodian college students. Significant predictors influencing depression, anxiety, and stress were identified. The present study was conducted among 529 Khmer students sampled from public and private institutions in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Results found the sample to have mild to moderate levels of depression (M=6.85), moderate anxiety (M=6.61), and mild levels of stress (M=8.90). However, analysis of the severity of distribution explained that 44.6%, 54.2%, and 37.5% of students experienced symptoms above the moderate levels for depression, anxiety, and stress respectively. Results showed 89.8 % of students reported high levels of resiliency. Significant differences in level of depression, anxiety, and resilience were found based on students&rsquo; perceived financial status. Additionally, differences in resiliency were observed based on gender. While no socio-demographic or protective factors were predictive of stress, perceived financial status and resilience were found to be significant predictors of depression and anxiety among college students in Cambodia. Implications, limitations, and recommendations for future research are discussed.</p><p>
Date03 November 2017
CreatorsPan, Alexandria
PublisherCalifornia State University, Long Beach
Detected LanguageEnglish

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