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Effects of Facilitation Context on Attitude toward Sustainable Seafood

<p> This study examined how adult guests to the California Science Center engage with a specific conservation education topic: sustainable seafood. Sustainable seafood is a common education message delivered in informal science institutions. This study also investigated whether engaging in an activity about sustainable seafood while simultaneously viewing live fish species would have a greater impact on guests than participating in the same activity while viewing a laboratory space. </p><p> The data showed that guests who participated in a hands-on activity about sustainable seafood knew more about conservation-related topics and were more likely to adopt behaviors conducive to sustainable seafood consumption than guests who participated in a different hands-on activity. The data also showed that the settings in which guests participate in this Sustainable Seafood activity do not influence their knowledge or behavior. This indicates that this Sustainable Seafood activity is effective in educating adult guests, regardless of the setting.</p><p>
Date20 March 2018
CreatorsDenton, Kristen E.
PublisherCalifornia State University, Long Beach
Detected LanguageEnglish

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