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Implementing Inclusive Education in West Africa| Achieving Sustainable Development

<p>This study examined key factors germane to achieving long-term sustainability of inclusive education for children with disabilities in West Africa. International initiatives such as Education for All (EFA) have been driving forces in increasing access to primary education for children worldwide; however, reports show that children with disabilities in developing countries are still not being provided with equal educational opportunities. With the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is renewed momentum to ensure that children in marginalized groups, specifically those with disabilities, are receiving quality access to primary school. International development organizations in collaboration with the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) have committed to providing funding and program implementation assistance to developing countries who have become country partners with the GPE. Of the 36 country partners of the GPE, 15 are uniquely situated in one region of West Africa, making it a desirable geographic region to research the implementation of education development projects.
In analyzing the project implementation process and its ability to provide long-term sustainability of inclusive education, an awareness of the global policy context and the grassroots implementation were factored in. Through a qualitative interviewing process, the informed perspectives of experienced education development workers were synthesized. This study asserted that key administrators of education development projects with a written component that focuses on the inclusion of children with disabilities were able to add insights from their field experience and bridge the global-local binary of policy implementation. The findings of this research have potential implications to further inform new policy creation and future project implementation.
Date09 September 2018
CreatorsBucknor, Elizabeth Lee
PublisherThe George Washington University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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