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The Phenomenological Investigation of "The Other Woman" in an Extramarital Affair

<p> Approximately 20-30% of single American women have been involved with a married man during the course of their lifetime (Lindquist &amp; Negy, 2005; Oala, 2008; Perel, 2017; Richardson, 1988). Infidelity in Western society is perceived in a pejorative manner, and women are often negatively judged for their engagement in an extramarital affair. However, the prevalence of single women becoming involved with married men has increased in the 21<sup> st</sup> century. This study sought to understand the lived experience of "the other woman" in contemporary Western society. By investigating woman's experiences through Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis this study aspired to contribute to clinical psychology in an effort toward destigmatization of women, and to provide a better understanding for the rationale as to why single women enter and remain in relationships with married men. Furthermore, this research sought to illuminate the shadow effects on the "the other woman's" psyche, to examine "the other woman's" desire to feel loved and appreciated in order to decrease vulnerability, and to explore "the other woman's" sense of self throughout an extramarital affair. </p><p>
Date27 March 2019
CreatorsDepa, Melissa Ann
PublisherPacifica Graduate Institute
Detected LanguageEnglish

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