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Therapeutic change for women in collective performance

<p> This phenomenological study describes the therapeutic potential of change for women who come together in collective creative process to perform their stories. The author examines women, aged 30-72, and their experiences of collective performance, spanning 29 years, in response to their life circumstances, emotional health, personal relationships, professional life, and community connections. Roles inside and outside of the group are explored, as are their group and individual processes. Research on women, collectives, applied theatre, and therapeutic theatre is presented. Perspective is gained through the lenses of feminist theory, social constructivism, and psychodramatic role theory. Comparisons are made between applied theatre and drama therapy, and the mutual exclusion of group versus individual, socio-political versus therapy, is questioned. Implications for the use of socio-political community drama in a therapeutic theatre format in drama therapy are formulated.</p>
Date24 January 2014
CreatorsVicich, Alexandra Devin
PublisherNew York University
Detected LanguageEnglish

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