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Significance of a relationship between servant leaders and followers through leader characteristics

<p> Leaders must be aware of the impact and influence demonstrated to followers through leader characteristics. The quantitative research study with a correlational design determined the impact of servant leader characteristics toward followers, and if there were any differences between the two roles pertaining to the leader characteristics of altruistic calling, persuasive mapping, emotional healing, organizational stewardship, and wisdom. A sample of 18 followers and four servant leaders completed the Servant Leadership Questionnaire (SLQ) instrument via survey monkey software link. Analyses were conducted utilizing the Spearman correlation testing to determine strength and direction of the correlation (p &lt; .05), and Mann Whitney U for analyses of differences between the roles. The results provided positive correlations between servant leaders and followers pertaining to each of the leader characteristics. However, there was no difference in the levels of correlation in the identified five variables between the two roles as defined in the research questions. The coefficient results are primarily based on the low sample response. Implications for leadership include effective leadership practices through mentoring, while providing a level of trust consistent with follower tasks and performance. These outcomes are critical for increased success as demonstrated through servant leader characteristics.</p>
Date20 November 2015
CreatorsColeman, Tracey
PublisherUniversity of Phoenix
Detected LanguageEnglish

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