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Identity on the line: Public transit in New Orleans, LA

Cities today are suffering from public dependence on the automobile and a tendency to
sprawl. The preference afforded to privatized means of mobility and dwelling has
diminished opportunities for interaction and exchange in the public realm. The role of
public transportation infrastructure must be elevated to reconnect our fractured

To achieve this, the identity of place must be translated into infrastructure- something
that is by definition a regularized system of support. Combining the utility of
infrastructure and a contextual reading of place, stations have a unique opportunity to
communicate to the public. One station simultaneously reflects the identity of the
regional network, the particular line it is located along, and the neighborhood it serves.

An investigation into the need for redesign of transportation infrastructure in New
Orleans explores the relationship between the ephemeral experiences of mobility
through a city of shifting identity. Stations designed along a local and an express line
demonstrate an approach to transportation planning and design that reinforces local
identity in order to redefine the city. / 0 / SPK /
Date January 2007
ContributorsCahan, Claire (author), (Thesis advisor), Tulane School of Architecture Architecture (Degree granting institution)
PublisherTulane University
Source SetsTulane University
Detected LanguageEnglish
Formatelectronic, electronic, pages:  90
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