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Jiang Zhongying Lineage of Longyan, Fujian: A Case Study of the Reconstruction Of Patriarchal Lineage in Post-socialist China 後社會主義中國宗族的重建--以福建龍巖蔣鍾英宗族為例





By anthropologic definition, lineages are unilineal descent groups organized on the basis of common descent from a known ancestor. Relationship between members is defined by genealogy and they share specific right and duty. In the Hans’ lineage system, the descent is traced in the male line, which is called “patrilineage”. This kind of community relationship form has been lasting thousands of years in China. Although its place in society had been going up and down according particular social environment and history influence, the lineage had never suffered a threat of breaking up until the new China was founded. Following the founding of new China, a serious of socialist campaigns had almost destroying ancestral worship in mainland China. However, since 1978, the reform and openness policy has changed everything from economic system to political and culture. Hence, lineage culture lasts and finally received a brighter future in modern post-socialist society. Zhongying Jiang lineage, has lived in Fujian over 600 years since their forefathers migrated to the Xinluo district in Longyan, Fujian in the Ming dynasty. They thrived in Ming and Qing dynasties when authorities encouraged civilians to worship ancestors and to compile genealogy. The 1911 Revolution and following the establishment of the Republican government had great impact on the Jiang lineage. They also struggled to survive in the wake of Socialism Revolution. But since 2000, the Jiang lineage has been entering a new phase. Different from traditional lineage, the Jiang lineage is doing every effort to develop new directions of lineage’s social function. The research shows a variety of social factors have influenced the Jiang lineage in Longyan, Fujian since China was into post-socialism in 1978. The Jiang lineage’s revival sheds light on the meaning of lineage revival and development for modern Chinese lineages in the urban areas.
CreatorsZeng Ye Meng Tian, 曾葉萌恬
ContributorsChi, Chang-Hui, 戚常卉
Source SetsNational Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan
Detected LanguageEnglish
Type學位論文 ; thesis

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