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A goal oriented and decentrally controlled workflow model for facilitating exception handling

More and more organizations are starting to use workflow management systems
(WfMS) to monitor, control and manage business processes. However, currently
available commercial workflow systems are rather rigid and cannot meet the
requirements of a dynamic and fast-changing business. Exception handling
capabilities of the systems are very limited. Some research work has been done to
address the issue by extending database technologies in workflow domain. In this
thesis, we begin with a brief review of some main workflow concepts and do a survey
of current research work on exception handling. We propose a leveled workflow
model based on Micro-Organization Activity Processor (MOAP) and Object-Oriented
Workflow Model (OOWM), which is an extension of Object-Oriented Enterprise
Modeling (OOEM). The MOAP construct is extended with a goal concept and the
OOEM service concept. We then propose a mechanism for exception handling which
utilizes artificial intelligence technologies such as means-end analysis. We further
demonstrate the functionalities and exception handling processes with a web-based
simulator by applying some workflow exception cases. / Business, Sauder School of / Graduate
Date11 1900
CreatorsGuo, Huijin
Source SetsUniversity of British Columbia
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeText, Thesis/Dissertation
Format4840048 bytes, application/pdf
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