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SIMQ: a methodology for simulation by questionnaire

This paper presents SIMQ, a method of simulation program generation through questionnaires. Simulation is a powerful technique for analyzing complex systems; Hut its, acceptance has been impeded by the high cost of computer simulations. The objective of SIMQ is to enhance the usefulness of computer simulation by reducing the cost of developing simulation programs. Related research is reviewed in order to outline the development of the concept of program generation and to provide a standard of comparison for SIMQ.
The structure and use of SIMQ is explained and then illustrated through application to a demonstration problem. Initially, the discussion centers on a basic version of SIMQ. Subsequently an extension of SIMQ is presented which permits stochastic branching within the model. Finally, an interactive graphical front end for the SIMQ system is described.
Several experiments were conducted to test SIMQ's efficiency and characteristics. Results of field tests are also reported. Possible further extensions to SIMQ are outlined in the final chapter. The major conclusion reached is that the concept of program generation through questionnaires is feasible and that the structure of the SIMQ system is valid and useful. / Business, Sauder School of / Graduate
Date January 1978
CreatorsGoulet, Maurice Eugene
Source SetsUniversity of British Columbia
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeText, Thesis/Dissertation
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