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High-voltage measurement techniques

The Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of British Columbia acquired a high-voltage test set in 1979 for teaching and research
purposes. To make this test set useful for experiments which undergraduate
students can do themselves, various additions and modifications had to be made.
This thesis describes these additions and modifications. First, a Faraday cage had to be constructed with interlocking safety circuits. Experiments
were then developed to show basic high-voltage phenomena with AC voltage, with DC voltage, and with impulse voltages. Considerable modifications were required to eliminate noise in the impulse measuring system. / Applied Science, Faculty of / Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of / Graduate
Date January 1980
CreatorsHalim, Armand Gregoire
Source SetsUniversity of British Columbia
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeText, Thesis/Dissertation
RightsFor non-commercial purposes only, such as research, private study and education. Additional conditions apply, see Terms of Use

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