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Power system stability study by Szego's method and a maximized Liapunov function

In this thesis Liapunov's direct method is applied to transient stability study of power systems. Szego's method is applied to a second order power system in chapter two and a quadratic Liapunov function applied to the same system in chapter three. The hypervolume enclosed by the quadratic V-function is maximized. Changes in the time derivative of the quadratic V function are then made to meet the conditions of Liapunov V and V functions. Finally a maximized modified Liapunov function is constructed from a tentative quadratic function for a three-machine system. / Applied Science, Faculty of / Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of / Graduate
Date January 1970
CreatorsMetwally, Aly Abdel Hameed
PublisherUniversity of British Columbia
Source SetsUniversity of British Columbia
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeText, Thesis/Dissertation
RightsFor non-commercial purposes only, such as research, private study and education. Additional conditions apply, see Terms of Use

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