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A study of a laboratory animal colony

This thesis is a study of the small animal colonies
operated by the animal nutrition laboratory in the Department
of Animal Husbandry. The four animal units studied are
the albino rat, albino mouse, guinea pig and rabbit. The
management practices used for each species are described
fully. They include the housing, feeding, breeding and control of disease methods utilized. The factors discussed in
the housing of the animals are the space utilization per
animal and the type of cages. In addition, scale drawings
and illustrations of the cages and cage racks are included.
The method of feeding and the formula of each ration for each
species is reported. The system of breeding used in each of
the colonies is described. Control of disease is discussed
with reference to the sanitation procedures practised. Growth
and production data are reported for each species and a comparison
made with the data published in the literature for
other colonies. The number of animals involved in the study
are 1,700 rats, 258 mice, 73 guinea pigs and 85 rabbits.
The growth data includes size of litter, birth weights and
weekly weights there after until weaning age. The production
data comprises the percentage fertility and percentage weaned.
In addition the results of a cost survey is reported. The
cost per animal for each species includes the cost of housing,
feeding and labour. The results reported here are comparable
to those reported elsewhere. / Land and Food Systems, Faculty of / Graduate
Date January 1951
CreatorsMcLeod, Melville Coburn-Emma
PublisherUniversity of British Columbia
Source SetsUniversity of British Columbia
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeText, Thesis/Dissertation
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