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Target Space Duality with Dilaton and Tachyon Field

We study the target space duality of classical two dimensional sigma models. The models with dilaton and tachyon field are analyzed. As a motivating example the historical electric-magnetic duality is presented. We review the construction of the duality transformation and the integrability conditions for the nonlinear sigma models with target spaces described by general metrics and antisymmetric two-forms. We generalize the formalism for the models whose actions contain the dilaton and tachyon field. For the dilaton field case it is required that the duality is a property solely of the target manifolds, independent of the world-sheet geometry. For both cases the duality transformation is established and the integrability conditions are calculated. The set of restrictions on geometrical data describing the models is obtained, the previously calculated condition on connections on target spaces is maintained in both cases.
Date21 December 2007
CreatorsRuszczycki, Blazej
PublisherScholarly Repository
Source SetsUniversity of Miami
Detected LanguageEnglish
SourceOpen Access Dissertations

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