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The Opinions of Literature Faculty and Students on Back-of-the-Book Indexes in Fiction

Back-of-the-book indexes are usually only printed in non-fiction books. This research investigated the opinions of literature faculty and students on including indexes in fiction books. Publishers may claim that an index for a fiction book is not worth the cost. However, no empirical studies have been conducted which try to assess demand. In order to begin to fill this gap in the literature, a survey was distributed to literature faculty and students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in order to assess their opinions towards the usefulness and value of fiction book indexes. The results suggest that there is a demand for indexes in fiction but some concerns may need to be addressed first. The results of this study may serve as a starting point for gauging market interest in buying fictional works printed with indexes that could potentially lead to a new field in indexing.

Date12 April 2006
CreatorsLaura Barwick
ContributorsJane Greenberg
PublisherSchool of Information and Library Science
Source SetsUniversity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Detected LanguageEnglish
TypeElectronic Theses and Dissertations
Formatapplication/pdf, 138200 bytes, application/pdf

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